After the ball [State of the Union speech 2010] is over

Anti-Communism is still a sin with the anointed in our society. [“The Soviets couldn’t have been that much of a threat; look how quickly they collapsed. It was just hysteria, the military industrial complex — and McCarthyism, of course!”]

The way I read it [and you know I am always pessimistic in the short run, optimistic in the long], the country is becoming even more polarized.

Obama did not pivot in the SOU speech — whatever else it was — not even rhetorically. [I am a glutton for punishment and watched the whole thing.] It was badly written, his delivery was not up to his usual telepromptering [because I believe he was having a hard time subduing his anger at the lesse majeste as Rush Limbaugh, whom I generally do not pay attention to, surmised]. He spoke to the Republicans directly, in a kind of threat as I perceived it.

He is going to try to ram things through. And no matter how he violates the constitution or lies [the attack on the Supreme Court was outrageous, a huge lie about their reversing corporate contributions to candidates, something FDR would not have dared to do in a SOU speech even when he was in his court-packing glory if in a “fireside chat”], he will have his coterie of 25-30% of the electorate with him — the elite as they like to think of themselves — to the bitter end. His quick, one phrase ploy on don’t ask, don’t tell was part of his trying to hold on to them, with some of their favorite token issues.

It is going to be a very dangerous time, and I am not sure the GOP leadership is up to it — certainly not John McCain, who has tried to get out in front of the parade. [But his political instincts are always wrong!] Ditto Lindsey Graham. And I worry a little about Scott Brown even, although he was smart enough to know that he had to keep to the specific complaints about the deficit, the health care “reform”, and jobs in his campaign.

The question is, I think, how much — as I switch back and forth on alternate days — the Obama crowd are a bunch of pint-sized Chicago political hacks who know how to bribe the blacks on the South Side come election day for Massah Daley and who have not a clue how to perform at the national level and how much he is a dimwitted half-assed ideologue of the 60s. [Some of us who had mistakenly –alas! – labored in those fields know that he wouldn’t know the first thing about socialism or communism if he met it in the dark!] His populist feint isn’t going to work beyond a certain point — yes you can do a William Jennings Bryan on the banks, but he is not a populist personality and it always betrays him: he lost 10,000 votes in Massachusetts when he attacked Scott Brown for driving a truck. The teleprompteritis will get him in the end – if it doesn’t get us first with a country wracked with bankruptcy and renewed racial tension.  03/10/2010


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