Ye Olde Crabb sez


New Oxford Dictionary:

b. Embracing many things, broad in mental grasp, sympathies, or the like.


(A belief in) the policy or practice of introducing change incrementally or by degrees; gradualism. (Esp. in Pol.)

Every time we hear President Obama use the word “comprehensive”, we reach for our remote — and prepare for the worst.

The morass that health care reform has turned into is his “comprehensive” approach to a gigantic tissue of problems incorporating at least sixth of the U.S. economy – and every citizen’s psyche and ego.

In his Cairo speech announcing a comprehensive approach to the 1.3 billion Muslim world, the part of the world that didn’t yawn immediately went their own separate ways.

Dealing with the problem of Sudan, Africa’s largest state and one of its biggest problems, Obama’s tsar Gen. Scott Gration invited the Chinese into a comprehensive solution and now we have a a new Khartoum offensive against Darfur and the probability of the 30-year civil war in the South recommencing.

The Obama comprehenive settlement for the Israel-Arab feud has turned into Palestinians who cannot negotiate, Israelis who defy Obama on his settlements ban, and Special Envoy George Mitchell threatening to cut off Jerusalem‘s special loan guarantees he cannot enforce.

His comprehensive settlement with the Russians has turned into betraying our Central European allies and Moscow turning down every initiative — except arms control which would confirm their inability to build new longrange missiles and their decaying nuclear stockpile.

Mr. President, please, you came in on a messianic wave of sympathy and adoration. But there are limits, even for a charismatic leader.

Mr. President, please, one step at a time. That’s the way it is generally done in a representative, conciliatory democracy.





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