One Chinese import too many!

This one didn’t come through Walmart – even that purveyor of all things Chinese would have been hesitant.

It is the new Confucius Institute that George Mason University has decided to import. Shame on them! It joins the old and not very well publicized scandal that our universities – there must be some strange Jesuitical explanation at Georgetown – have sold out their Mideast studies to Saudi money. Can you imagine that Georgetown has an institute named for a Saudi billionaire who said we caused 9/11, the towelhead from whom Mayor Giuliani refused a check. But the good fathers have always had their own standards of morality!

But back to George Mason: it used to be an island of commonsense in Washington’s otherwise mediocrity [American], eroded [Catholic], and halting [George Washington] university circles. But obvious there is “change” in Obama’s Washington.

The Confucius institutes have very little to do with the old Chinese sage – not that probably any heir to the European Judeo-Christian tradition should trifle with the “rites” for very long. They are to be propaganda centers around the world for the most evil regime that even the bloody 20th century could produce.

The professors, who are obvious converts to Confusionism, wouldn’t know the difference between the Confucionists and the Legalists. In that they share intellectual abilities with the hacks now running the old Chinese empire.

Please don’t give me the line that the Goethe Institute, the British Council, l’Alliance Francaise are in the same category. The argument is idiotic. Those institutions represent and try in their humble way to perpetuate the values of Western civilization for representative, democratic governments.

To quote an old Chinese axiom: the barbarians are inside the gate, a time to rise!

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