Speaking in tongues

MUMBAI – TAXI drivers in Mumbai on Thursday railed against a state government order that they must be able to speak the local language, in the latest outbreak of regionalist feuding in the city.

The Maharashtra state’s Congress-led alliance said it would only grant licences to taxi drivers who speak Marathi – effectively excluding the many migrants who pour into the city from elsewhere in India.

The tens of thousands of distinctive black-and-yellow vehicles that ply the roads are often driven by Indians who have recently moved to Mumbai, the country’s most cosmopolitan city.

‘This is undemocratic and unwarranted against people seeking to earn a living,’ said A.L. Quadros, general secretary of Mumbai Taximen’s Union, the oldest in the city. Taxi unions are now considering a strike or legal moves, he said.

Ye Olde Crabb sez

Mmmmmm! That’s strange.


I demand reciprocity: the Indians and Paks driving taxis in NYC don’t have to speak Amurican! Often they do not even have to pass a BO test.


But I do think it is undemocratic and unwarranted that the descendants of the great Srivaji, the choppers of wood and the bearers of water, are punished because they cannot manage Gujerati and Ingrish!

Maybe we could all join George Soros and learn Esperanto.


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