Evacuate Washington!


Australian Shooter Magazine

An interesting letter in the Australian Shooter Magazine
this week, which I quote: “If you consider that there
has been an average of 160,000 troops in the Iraq theater of
operations during the past 22 months, and a total of 2112
deaths, that gives a firearm death rate of 60 per 100,000

The firearm death rate in Washington, DC is 80.6 per
100,000 for the same period. That means you are about 25
percent more likely to be shot and killed in the US capital,
which has some of the strictest gun control laws in the US,
than you are in Iraq.

Conclusion: The US should pull out of Washington

Ye Olde Crabb sez:

Easily explained: Washingtonians can’t vote in national elections as per the Constitution which also theoretically guarantees the right to bear arms.


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