Vietnam-U.S. relations

“…Hanoi needs Washington much more than Washington needs Hanoi. At each juncture, Vietnam has promised to respect human rights and comply with international law. Each time, however, Vietnam has learned that it can reap all the benefits from the US, which they view as a paper tiger, without honoring any of its promises. Plus ça change, plus c’ est la même chose. – “The more things change, the more they remain the same.” As charming as the Vietnamese people are, the communist regime remains as deceptive, brutal and suspicious as ever, while US policy enables its repression and treachery….”
American Thinker
April 3, 2011

Vietnamese Communists’ Fear Factor is Rising
By Michael Benge

This is the best description of the basic situation. Something anyone trying to understand Viet Nam should know….

Ton That Thien
educator, journalist, scholar
Ottawa, April 2011


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