All American

Maybe this is a stretch too far, but I watched two TV interviews with Cheney on Fox Sunday afternoon [Sept. 4, 2001]. And I came away with a good, warm feeling: seems to me he is the example of what good old American common sense can do/does in the artificial hothouse environment of Washington. I mean here is a guy who came into public life via the Republican Establishment [after all, he was Ford’s chief of staff! and had made his way pretty much through the “normal” Washington career ladder to near the top], yet, faced with the horrible decision-making that came when he became “assistant president” rather than the usual [“a bucket of warm p___”] vice president with Bush II, he acted with integrity and in the face of an overwhelming opposition within the Bush
cabinet most of the time. [I am forgiving him backing Kay Bailey Hutchison against Rick Perry in the GOP primary for governor of Texas; he had a friendship with her during their Washington sojourns.] By the way, his wrestling match with a bad heart certainly didn’t make any of this easier.
Of course, I am probably taking him “out of context”; Even with all we know about a public figure, we don’t know and never will know the ins and outs of motivation. But we do know that he pretty much hit rock-bottom in his early days — alcohol, dropped out of school, was working as a lineman, not that that isn’t a worthy occupation. [We had proof of that in this damned hurricane!] One story I have heard is that Liz Cheney — whom I also see as a pretty admirable character and we know an intelligent public speaker — did it by refusing to marry him until he went back to school, straightened up, etc.
Then there is Wyoming which I don’t know, but dream of as a pretty wonderfully, “pure” place — and I don’t want to be disenchanted!
Anyway, in a peculiar way, it brightened my day.

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