Clinton’s Islamic Connection

Clinton’s Islamic Connection

Among the avalanche of accusations about the Clinton’s finances, perhaps the most serious are the
Abedin comes from a distinguished Muslim family; her father, of Indian Muslim heritage, after teaching in an American university was set up in Saudi Arabia in a private foundation. It’s not clear exactly what its purposes were, but certainly a part was to influence international opinion. His work has been carried on by his widow, a leading member of what could be called the Moslem Brotherhood’s women’s auxiliary. Abedin and Clinton made visits to meet her in the Middle East, apparently to discuss the chaotic region and American policy. Obama Administration officials have tended to see the Moslem Brotherhood as some sort of Islamic version of the Christian Democratic Parties in Western Europe, ignoring that the current plethora of Islamic terrorist organizations have all sprung from its bowels
The conservative public interest law firm Judicial Watch has filed a request to open Abedin’s emails during her four years at the State Department. News reports had claimed that Abedin used the same private email server Clinton set up to handle government business, avoiding the normal procedures of using the official State Dept. network. Granted that that had been done sometimes in the past, new Obama Administration rules had reinforced the regulation that government traffic had to flow on government networks.
That puts Clinton directly in violation of the State Dept. regulations if not the law, and makes the Abedin correspondence, critical, adding a whole new dimension to the rat’s nest.
In what must now be seen as an overabundance of political correctness, when Abedin’s connection was brought to the attention of the country in June 2012, by Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and other Republican Congressmen, liberals and The Washington Post” joined in a denunciation of the request for more information. They were joined by Sen. John McCain and some other Republican as well as Democratic senators. But Senator Chuck Grassley had raised questions about Abedin’s working as a State Department employee as a part-time aide to Clinton while working as a consultant to private clients for the consulting firm Teneo Holdings and the Clinton Foundation as well as member of Clinton’s political staff. The State Department’s response was that there was no question of her passing government information to her private employers.
Attempts to bring public scrutiny to Abedin’s activities have been, characteristically, called “McCarthyism” as Islamophobia. But it is well to remember the historical context of the investigations of Senator Joseph McCarthy and the House UnAmerican Activities Committee. Whatever their excesses, the fact was that some of those accused and questioned had been members of the Communist Party and its conspiracy at a time when the Soviet Union was powerful and potential enemy of the U.S.


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