A call to arms

A call to arms
Everything surrounding the terrorist incident in Chattanooga, Tennessee on Thursday dramatizes virtually every aspect of our failing national strategy to meet the threat of Islamic terrorism.
Not having the common sense to arm our military working in a civilian environment when Daesch [or Islamic State of Syria [ISIL] and Lebanon or Islamic State [ISI] of Iraq] has called for “lone wolves” to assassinate them is absurd. That has followed the string of attacks on American [and British] military which the Obama Administration insists on calling “workplace violence” rather than their real definition as Islamic terrorism.
Politicians of all persuasions have continually recited mantras saying that we are under attack and that there must be a virile American response. But the Obama Administration’s efforts in the Mideast have been at best anemic; for example, even the bombing attacks have been much weaker than those during the Iraq wars, either because we do not have sufficient ground spotters for proper targeting or because of the White House’s peculiar political restraints.
The killing of four defenseless Marines, following earlier attacks on our military, is a call to arms.
We believe the only way to respond to it is a formal declaration of war by the Congress against Daesch. Under the usual protocols, that call has always come from the chief executive-commander-in-chief. In fact, such declarations have been ignored in the recent wars for more convenient and convoluted use of legislation such as the War Powers Act.
But in this instance, we believe that both the people and the Congress are far ahead of the leadership and Republicans and like-minded Democrats in the Congress should seize the initiative through a formal declaration of war.
Such a pronouncement, meaning the destruction of Daesh in as short a time as possible with the full force of American arms rather than the current goal of “degrading” it over time, would set the stage for what is likely to be a longer war against Islamic terrorism. The rapid growth of Daesh itself in Syria and Iraq, but even more the growing affiliation at least in name of Islamic terrorist organizations from Central Africa to Indonesia is a warning. Unless that bandwagon effect is scotched and quickly, Daesh with its peculiar abilities to use the most modern technologies such as the social media, will become a monster mobilizing vast rogue elements of worldwide Islam.
The President’s reluctance to name the enemy is a growing threat to U.S. security. The very fact that polling and the anecdotal evidence shows that despite its barbarism Daesh has an appeal to some young Moslems and converts cannot be denied. That the phrase Islamic terrorism hives too close to a denunciations of Islam itself is unfortunate. But it points to the necessity to mobilize those Muslim leaders who oppose the radicals, but too often are either ignored by our mainstream media or intimidated by the violence within their own community. It is unfortunate but some mosques under renegade imam are a nurturing institution for radical Islamic violence and their surveillance by police and their disciplining by responsible Muslim leaders must be a part of any campaign to protect American security.
During the long Cold War, it was the mobilization of all our resources – including intellectual – that with Ronald Reagan’s forthright opposition finally won the day. The struggle against radical Islam will not be easier, and can only be shortened by a new and extensive mobilization which a declaration of war would bring into focus.


One response to “A call to arms

  1. I agree completely, Sol. And can no longer believe other than that the Obama Regime’s fundamental anti-Americanism is behind his reluctance to face the threat. ISIS, or whatever it is, has declared themselves enemies of America. That makes them, borrowing from our more philosophical Chinese friends, his friend.

    Shockingly telling for me was the reluctance of the first FBI spokesman on the scene to identify the attack as an example of Islamist Terrorism. “Domestic Terrorism” was the term used. Nobody gets that much rank in the FBI without being political savvy. And I have to believe that this individual’s political savvy made him reluctant to use the phrase Islamist Terrorism. If so, the Washington insiders know that under this presidential regime it is folly to appear to be criticizing anything remotely related to Islam. Radical Islamist or otherwise. Bob

    “Death, Long Long Ago,” “Death, Lonely and Peculiar,” Dr. Ray Raether South Carolina RV Travel Mystery Series, Books 1 and 2 http://www.carolinaconsidered.com/books.html

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