Democrats, it’s time!

It’s time for the Democrats to start acting like Democrats, instead of leaving all the fun to the Republicans acting like Democrats. We mean it is time for a contest for the Democratic nomination for President in 2016, the usual kind of catfight that has always invigorated Democratic Party politics.
There are two good reasons:
We have no doubt that there will be loyalists who will continue to support the coronation of Hillary Rodham Clinton as the Party’s nominee. But with her polls sagging and an increasing array of old complaints about the Clintons being dragged out, she is now vulnerable within her own party if not only in the general election. That should rouse Party leaders and apparatchiks alike to the need to think about an alternative – at least a contest for the nomination just in case there is continuing cascade of “secrets” about Clinton’s candidacy.
But there is a second reason, an even better one, for the rest of us outside the Democratic Party activists. The country is in difficult circumstances; it’s not necessary to name all of them. But facing a still lagging economic recovery and the fallout of an increasingly unstable world situation, not helped by a limping Obama Administration strategy of “leading from behind”, the country needs as much debate as possible about the issues before the next presidency, and, hopefully, some answers. It needs a successful candidate for the presidency in 2017 who has been vetted with ab informed debate on the issues, domestic and foreign.
That’s why all all along we have argued that the more the merrier as increasing numbers of candidates, some pretty far-fetched, have joined the Republican fray. Despite the usual level of shinkicking that goes on – with a gotcha media jumping on every little foible and misspeak but too often avoiding the really important issues – we have thought it was a good idea to have as many people seeking the Republican nomination as possible so as to vent at least some of the many issues in their competition and debate.
There is no doubt that the Democrats have other good potential candidates. And they ought well to come from another generation. There is something to be said for the argument – soon to be exploited full blast by the Republicans – that Hillary is yesterday’s warmed over politician. Notwithstanding the poor results of the last two presidential elections when the country chose youth, to some extent, over age, it is likely to be an issue this time around as well. There is a general feeling in this corner and we think it is shared with politically active people elsewhere that the country desperately needs some new answers that come with young minds and their energy.
It’s clear that Democratic stalwarts at the grass roots level already understand this. That’s our explanation for why a relative unknown and decidedly wayout minor figure like “Bernie” Sanders, a senator from that oddball state of Vermont, a hangout for refugees from New York City, could be rolling up serious votes. Imagine what would happen if such likelier candidates such as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo or even the reconverted old moonbeam California’s Governor Jerry Brown were to throw their hats in the ring! There are another half a dozen nationally known names in the Congress who could make the run.
So let’s see the Democratic apparatchiks go into orbit and give us a real debate on the Democratic side instead of Hillary’s version of “let them eat cake”.


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