Paris II

Events of the past few days have confirmed our suspicion that the war effort against the Islamic terrorists by the Obama Administration and its Western allies has been dawdling at best.

That the French were able to immediately identify an area where other terrorists were holed up after the bloody six-point massacre that presumably had come as a surprise indicate their intelligence was good but their policy implementation was limping.

That U.S. planes finally took on the fleet of oiltank trucks that have been moving petroleum for Daesh [ISI or ISIL] to black markets and funding their barbarism showed equally how irresolute has been our bombing campaign.

It is hard to imagine that either of these actions could not have been taken earlier with their devastating impact on the enemy. Yes, France had to strengthen its abilities to go after the enemy with emergency decrees, now to be followed up with legislation. But draconian French laws of arrest and prosecution, compared to those in the U.S., are well known and certainly could have been used earlier.

Satellite photo reconnaissance as well as drone activity must have shown The Pentagon for the more than a year that the war against Daesh has been underway, where and how oil was being moved to market – with the Turks, by the way, looking the other way as it passes through their territory Why was a strike against these trucking fleets not considered until now? And did the U.S. command prejudice its attack with leaflets alerting drivers, as we are told, to the coming attack?

All of this to say, had it not been self-evident before, that The Obama Administration has not been fighting a war against Daesh, but a reluctant sporting action.

Pres. Obama, indeed, is still insistent that he has a strategy, that it is a longterm one to “degrade and destroy” Daesh. But as Daesh now turns it emphasis to attacks outside the Middle East against targets in Europe and perhaps in America as well, that is not only not realistic but is a very dangerous approach to a growing problem of international security and a threat to the U.S.

The Western alliance has forgotten one old and simple fact of life. Nothing succeeds like success, and success for Daesh is the destruction of civilian life through terrorist activity. So long as they continue to make “progress” – that is, to continue to stage terrorist attacks or claim credit for them in the rest of the world from their sanctuary in Syria and Iraq – they will attract adherents. Obviously, and unfortunately, there are enough deranged and disoriented young men and women in the Islamic world to fill their ranks.

That fans at a Turkish soccer match booed and hissed and shouted “Alah Akbar!”, the cry of the jihadists, during a soccer game when a moment of silence for the French victims was called, is one more terrible indication of the tacit support for the terrorists among the Islamic populations. Various opinion polls too, as well as fragments of interviews by Belgian radio, have shown rationalizations for the terrorist if not sympathy among local Moslems there and in France, many of them born and reared in Europe.

The task before the U.S. and its allies is not only the elimination of Daesh and the end of its terrorist activities, but the speed with which the crippling disease among the Moslem populations around the world is dispatched. Daesh has already made tentative alliances with other terrorist groups in Libya, Central Africa and Indonesia. However, tenuous those alliances – and we have the spectacle of various jihadist groups fighting one another in the Syrian Civil War – permitting them to continue to function and spread their propaganda is an international menace which must be dealt with and as soon as possible.



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