Pure bile

The psychoanalysts are pissed. Their profession consists of listening to the babble of patients — sometimes adding a nod or an encouraging continuance — and getting no less than a hundred dollars an hour for their boredom. But now Donald Ytump comes along and has the whole country listening to his stream of consciousness for free. It could set off a pyschomarket revolution!




Hillary ill? The poor little thing is suffering from malnutrition since she hasn’t time to take a bite between writing those tens of thousands of e-mails.


The Russians are coming!

If as some Democrats allege, Vladmir has fallen in love with Donald Trump and vice versa, and that they hacked the Democratic National Committee’s e-mails and then released their contents to help Trump, how much more damaging is their seeming ability to hack Hillary Clinton’s thousands of undisclosed e-mails incouding national security materials.!


Une éminence grise?
“I don’t know anymore where I begin and Obama ends,” David Samuels quotes Ben Rhodes in an article that has something of the same confusion.
Samuels, we are told by our betters, “has nearly autistic command of minor details and facts” and “achieves the glorious breadth and detail of a mural painter.”
But much of the detail we have competence to evaluate in his article on Rhodes is just wrong, which makes one a little suspicion of the rest of his “long-form journalism”, whatever that is. He confuses, twice, Laos and Cambodia, something anyone not acquainted with Southeast Asia might well do, but not to be incorporated in a piece where discussion of “the bombing of Laos” takes on such importance. His discussion of one of the minor characters in his screed, Robert Malley, and Malley’s father, Simon, neglects to point out the elder Malley was a Communist as well as editor of a minor magazine, and at one point expelled from France.
His interpretation of relations between the Obama Administration and Iran talks about the President’s aim of cultivating the so-called Iranian moderates. But Samuels neglects to point out Washington turned its back on the 2009 appeal by the Green Movement after fraudulent elections led to widespread anti-regime demonstrations. “By eliminating the fuss about Iran’s nuclear program xxx” How is that again? Books on Rhodes’ bookshelves? I wonder, if not like mine, they may represent as much as anything else review copies that floated in and not the owner’s taste in serious reading material?
What a mish-mash this article is! If it has a central argument, it is that Rhodes exercises enormous influence over American foreign policy through his “melding” with the President. But then, we are told, he does it without the assistance of the Blob, the foreign policy experts, and any knowledge of the details of such places as the Middle East. It’s a hypothesis that is both frightening and perhaps could be true.
But except for a somewhat muddied description, ostensibly, of Rhodes successful campaign to overcome Congressional and other critics of “the deal”, it doesn’t really tell us much about how he operates. He never mentions, of course, that “the deal” should have been a treaty and it was by that hook and crook that the Obama Administration was able to achieve what it claims was the halt to Tehran’s nuclear weapons program. Samuels seems to be endorsing the Administration’s insistence that it purposely excluded other issues with Iran – its state sponsored terrorism around the world and its use of surrogates in Hezbollah and Hamas, the former until recently having killed more Americans than any other terrorist group.
In one of the many diversions, Samuels tells us how important Valerie Jarrett is as Obama’s “work wife”. But when he gets into how she and Obama have great empathy because they both spent time as children in foreign cultures is, to say the least, stretching credulity. It may be the case that Jarrett and Obama do cultivate that notion. But it is very unlikely that as a pre-adolescent as Obama was during his four years [six to 10] living with a step-father and his mother in Djakarta, he either understood or was affected by the attempted Communist coup and its massacres as an aftermath that had occurred three years before he was born.
One should not be surprised that Samuels is a frequent contributor to The New Yorker. This article like so many in that publication piles anecdote and digression, one on top of another, and suddenly without much warning just walks away from the whole pile.
Yes, it seems likely that Rhodes exerts a great deal of power within the Administration and in areas for which he has neither formal training nor accrued experience. That does not, by the way, distinguish him from most of what used to be called “the kitchen cabinet” that surrounds Obama. And it may be, too, that Rhodes implements the only strategy that the current President has: to abandon longtime post-World War II commitments of the U.S. as leader of the society of nations in an effort to preserve peace and stability. The results, although both Samuels and Rhodes justify it by using Iraq’s current quagmire as the way Syria would have gone had there been the original Obama intervention, are all too visible. That forgets of course Obama’s quit and run Iraq policy.
But all of these are speculations. And we thought Samuels was strong on detail.

Canada’s New Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?  Hmmm. Nice hair.


Surely Hillary Clinton’s laugh is from hell!


Do you suppose that ad hoc IT outfit whioh outfitted Hillary’s server thought they could flush it down the drain if worse came to worse — and it did — and that is why they installed in the toilet?


What is it with CNN personnel? They have such strange creatures around. First, there is that horse-faced Guest. Then there is the anchor lady with the black hair — can’t be dye, must be horse feathers — who looks like she came out of that old comic strip about the strange family. Do you remember their name? One does wonder if Ailes at Fox is “a leg man” with every screen always complete with legarted miniskirts. But it is preferable, n’estc’est pas?


Have you noticed that the kept media and the talking heads now talk about 11 million illegals — woops! undocumented immigrants — in the U.S. now instead of 12 million a few weeks ago? If ICE doesn’t know where they are, how do they know how many there are? When I had this discussion about 25 years ago with a spook — the CIA then, maybe still, subsidized part of the census in the Commerce Dept. — he told me they estimated it through an extrapolation from the requests for visas and those granted from the various countries of origin. Really?

Both NPR and its soul-mate, the BBC, have touched new lows in PC trying to accomodate Valdimir Putin’s explanations of his actions in Ukraine. For example, all thjis week [Sept. 1], none of thei rbilliant analysts have suggested the obvious: Putin has launched a “peace offensive” to coincide with the difficult negotiations among the 28 members of NATO opening at the same time in Wales.
The pronouncements of that State Department spokesman, the political hack Jen Psaki, is going to lead to a whole new generation of  “Polish jokes”.
James Rosen is so pompous that he makes Bill O’Reilly seem modest when he appears on  his show.
Why is it that with print media dying, there are more high-paid NGOs commenting and investigaing it and TV shows about it than ever before? Why is it that with popular music at the nadir of isntrumentation and originality,the dorning commentaries and idiot conversations with half-literate performers has reached saturation?
I wonder if anyone has thought about using a drone on Snowden and his little
helper[s] in Brazil
Kelly Clarkson announces she is pregnant on Twitter
Well! they do have all these new ways of insemination, I guess.
Aki is right: stay off the social media because there are all sorts of viruses and spyware — and apparently rather sloppy sex.
Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary, today emphatically denied a leaked report of an e-mail indicating the Dept. of Labor has signed a contract with China’s Statistical Bureau for technical assistance.
Gus Halsalt, a British historian, has again proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was never a King Arthur in Worlds of Arthur: Facts and fiction of the Dark Ages {Oxford University Press] . Hmmm …if there was never a Camelot, could there have been a resurrection in the Kennedy Administration?
  NPR is now bragging about its financial support from Al Jazeera, the voice of Osama Ben Ladin! Next we know, Al Jazeera’s deep pockets among the Qatar elite, will be directly joining the U.S. taxpayer in its distortion of news and views.
I always guessed there was something worse than being a totally discredited leftwing journalist –another Los Angeles celebrity lawyer, of course!

Disgraced Reporter Stephen Glass Taking Case for Bar Admission to Calif. Supreme Court

— U.S. President Obama says looming government shutdown will have immediate consequences on real people.

*Get more from CNN International*

Why would exclude us zombies?

Log on to: http://edition.cnn.com for the latest news

Watch: Live, latest and archived video
> http://edition.cnn.com/video

On behalf of the zombies of the world, I protest this outrageous discrimination!
If one more person uses that cliché “reaching out” to me, I am going to bite his hand.


No, that rumor that The New York Times has hired Vladimir Putin as chief of their Moscow  bureau is not true. It turns out he is above their pay level.


“Nice guys finish last” — Leo Durocher



Red lines in the mideast,


Far out, we agree


For the will carry no one  closer to me


Red lines in the Mideast,


Not firm, we agree


But they will boost the chaos


On that we agree


With apologies to Bing Crosby [1935] and Hugh Williams

I guess the difference between the Roman Empire and the American Empire is that the victorious Romans brought their former enemies home to Rome as slaves but we bring a portion of them back as refugees.
I’ve done a number of satirical “People of Walmart” posts here on FOTM. I do them as a way to chronicle how Americans have lost our sense of propriety. Too many of us don’t make even a minimum effort at pulling ourselves together before we go out of our homes, but instead parade our slovenly appearances for the world to see. I thought I’d seen them all, until I saw this pic: I suppose we should be thankful that we are spared a frontal view of man-in-thong. See FOTM’s “People of Walmart” collection:

Imagine seeing this at your Walmart….

And I went out with a two-day beard yesterday feeling guilty if it was only to consult a pharmacist and pick up the mail.

Who, in Gawd’s name, would want to know what was going in the EU
bureaucracy! It’s already a nightmare, publicly.From: “CNN Breaking News” <CNNBreakingNews@mail.cnn.com>
To: <solsanders@COX.NET>
Sent: Sunday, June 30, 2013 6:29 AM
Subject: CNN Breaking News
European Parliament demands Washington explain allegations that U.S.
authorities spied on European Union offices.
Why shouldn’t he [The One, that is] refer to them as his press corps? After all, He’s calling the shots and they dance to his tune. The US media are no longer the watch dogs of American democracy. The fourth estate turned to filthy fifth columnists..k [Ozzie friend]
The Senate vote on a “comprehensive” immigration bill — which again no one but some staff members has read — is the best recent argument for repealing the 17th amendment of The Constitution authorizing direct election of senators. Let’s turn it back to the state legislators under the aegis that it takes one to know one. We just got another perfect example of “I voted for it before I voted against it”. The august senators knew that their bill had no chance of passage in the House — except perhaps the inclusion of the pork barrel which had nothing to do with migration — either through House approval or in a proposed conference [between the two houses] compromise.
What is it with CNN? They have that lisping Piers Morgan [whatever happened to the Welsh lilt?], that fumfah Wolfe Blitzer, that tripping-off-the uh tongue? [?] Anderson Vanderbiltnick Cooper, that debate thrower Crowley, the Palestinian spokesman Weideman [was it too much even for them and they moved his fattening ass to Rome?], Horsefaced horseneighing Guest still lost in the Central Park Bramble, and most of all, Ms Marbles-in-the-mouth Becky Anderson. {What ever happened to the BBC accent? Maybe Punjabi now?]
No. 1 slogan for GOP  for 2014
A scandal a day keeps the Democrats away

To: Sol W. Sanders

Sent: Sunday, May 19, 2013 7:50 AM
Subject: Re: The 10 P.M. Phone Call
This- and what did Obama do that night? I keep telling people (b/c I think some are wrong about the talking pts)- that the talking points (the lies) obviously should lead to Obama & Hillary any way- but we need to know who teed that up– I suspect some of those high level Muslim aides might have been involved– someone I know thinks it was Andrea Mitchell– how would Andrea Mitchell have known that quickly about the video which surfaced in one of the 9/11 protests (maybe Egypt) unless someone fed it to her- this had to be planned, Sol– it was too pat.  The video producer being thrown into jail almost instantly– how convenient was that?  Hillary knew from Hicks there was no protest- so who gave her that line of BS?  Everything else they’re hiding can be thrown under the mantle of Executive Privilege or National Security sensitive- they can’t do that w/ the talking points b/c they were 1) false and 2) used publicly, repeatedly.

yeoldecrabbgraphicyou mean you think there is a jihadist in the woodwork? Nah, how could that be. We all been going to Rev. Wright’s church for 25 years, right?

Maybe he played golf under floodlights with those five [number?] somewhat mysterious low-level government bureaucrats he always plays [oops!] with?


Did you notice Petraeus was outed just after he raised the faint-hearted objection to the infamous “talking points” near-final version making the Spooks the scapegoat? Honey pot or target of opportunity?
That will teach you to stray after marrying the boss’ daughter!
Also there is a lesson for little Dutch boys:  they shouldn’t take Hans Brinker too seriously with his admonition to put your finger in the dyke [oops!].

yeoldecrabbgraphicObama’s Russia policy reminds  YOC of that old Russian Yiddish saying, “He’s the kind of man when you spit on him,  he says it’s raining.”


White House Press Briefing - April 29, 2013 _ Video _ 9news.com-0-

Wonder if any of the high$ Washington media have ever been audited, or could they pass an honest [!] audit by the IRS?


Those stories of Brennan of Arabia swishing around Georgetown after dark in Arab drag are pure Zionist propaganda.


Susan Etrich, whose claim to political expertise is to have run the worst presidential campaign [Dukakis] in modern history, apparently needs a complete redo so as to make her unrecognizable from one Fox blather appareance to another.

I am not and never have been a racist, so I didn’t have to expatiate my sins and vote for Mr. Obama in 2008, and I certainly didn’t vote for him in 2012.


Whenever I hear a politician say “comprehensive solution”, I reach for my gun.


When Pres. Obama says he has an ally [whatever that is since his Pharonic statement on the status of the new Egyptian regime], does that mean he is “leading from behind”?


Oxford Dictionary of the English Language

bail 1
the temporary release of an accused person waiting trial, sometimes on condition that a sum of money be l0dged to guarantee their appearance in court
ransom [noun]
a sum of money or other payment demanded for the release of a prisoner
Those American kids were kidnapped and bought out, not bailed — no one in his right mind would go back to Tehran for a trial.
To hell with where Qadaffi is, where are those female body guards?
And no Golden Tablets either
Mitt Romney is a fossil leftover from the age of the Rockefeller Republicans.
Only CNN would think of replacing Larry King’s softball interviewing boredom with a British accented wimp

one of those invitations to which we do not respond.

1) You are cordially invited to attend a Special Luncheon Panel Discussion on

Cutting Through the Fog of Law:

Was Killing bin Laden an Illegal “Extrajudicial Execution,”;

a “War Crime,” or a Lawful Act During Armed Conflict?

Date:  Tuesday, June 28th 2011  12:00 Noon – 2:00PM

Place: The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies


2) Midwestern progressive Democratic Senate Judiciary Committee member seeks a counsel who will be responsible for preparing for hearings, drafting bills and amendments, planning legislative strategy, and writing memos, speeches and talking points.


This office is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, national origin, or disability.

given this discussion, maybe the disclaimer on prejudice should be more precise  xxx or disability, physical or mental.


Muslim watermelons?



When Indian fake philosophers don’t know what else to do, they usually take off their clothes.  Deepak Chopra has chosen to  froth at the mouth about Sarah Pallin, which again puts the question, What is it about this woman that brings out the worst in the PC fakes?


Obama played tiddlywinks; Netanyahu played rugby.


From a sometime cynic Down Under:

“The Grate One signing the great book at Westminster cathedral can’t even get the year correct! ‘What dunce’ to paraphrase Bette Davis..k”

He has trouble with numbers — whether it is the size of the “stimulus” or the number of states.

Osama Bin Laden Raid: Pakistan Hints China Wants a Peek at Secret Helicopter

Hmmmm! Maybe the CIA has another one of those out-of-date telephone books, this time for Pakistan, with the wrong address and one of our drones based at Jacobbabad or Quetta might just take a swipe at the HsinHua wing of the Chinese Embassy in Islamabad?


But the muezzin [the town crier] would have had to climb up there five times a day to call Osama Ben Ladin to prayer. That’s a long climb. Loud speaker? Nawhhh! that wouldn’t be kosher …woops! halal.  So who was the happiest man in Abbottabad the other day after “the event”? The muezzin. He no longer has to worry about al Qaeda cutting off his head if he takes a powder on a couple of calls.


Leading from behind

We are told the Obama Doctrine’s essence is “leading from behind”.  Ah! yes, would that be leading a decrepit and dysfunctional NATO from the rear as in Libya, the Arab League in its effort to channel “the Arab Spring”, the Six Power Talks on North Korea with its talkalong or perhaps the corrupt and incompetent United Nations? [see Ye Olde Crabb sez…]


Who pays the marauder?

News that Nixon loyalists have separated the former president’s foundation [and grants] from Washington’s The Nixon Center, increasingly seen as the capital’s most prestigious apologist for Soviet/Communist/Russian policies seems long in coming. As I once told a friend in the Indian prime minister’s office, protesting that there had been a third voice on my office telephone, I do think it is a little much [that the FSS asks us] to pay for as well as tolerate their penetrations!


That would make a clean breast of it!

Agents for Britain’s MI5 intelligence service have discovered that Muslim doctors trained at some of Britain’s leading teaching hospitals have returned to their own countries to fit surgical implants filled with explosives, according to a report from Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.


The State of our Republic?

How could it have cost so much to put through the 2011 budget process with bananas only 43 cents a pound at Walmart’s?


Transparent burka – Ghent photographer Filip Naudts will soon open the exhibition ‘La clé du boudoir’ (the key to the bedroom), featuring famous Flemish people. The image advertising the exhibit shows Gorcha Davydova, a Flemish-Kazakh stand-up comedian, in a transparent burka. In another photo Davydova appears as Maria Magdalena, stripped to the waist. Naudts: This photo is not meant in any way as a statement. I do not want to provoke anybody, not offend anybody’s feelings, but I will not curtail my artistic freedom. The burka is indeed worn by Islamic women, but in spite of that, they do not yet have a patent on that piece of clothing. (NL)

Posted By Esther to Islam in Europe at 2/01/2010 08:56:00 AM

Ye Olde Crabb sez:

Ahah! just another Scottish joke about what is under the Scots’ kilts!


At Beck — and call!

Has Trump trumped Beck?


Save the whales

Photo: Fred Benko – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Central Library. (via Wikimedia Commons)

(PhysOrg.com) — Blue whales, the largest animals on earth, are singing with deeper voices every year, but scientists are unsure of the reason.

Ah hah! There is something in the water, the sea water, that is.
It’s clear why this transformation: as Hollywood goes for more and more androgynous leading male stars – and the rock banders are almost as confused about their sexuality as penguins — the whales have decided they will go out with a burst of macho oratory.


That Trump hair-do

Reports that they use GPS every morning to make that hair arrangement are not true. He and his staff use an old-fashioned road map.


The elocution scoreboard

New State Dept. spokesman Mark Toner April 6, speaking on Cong. Weldon’s “mission” to Libya, only scored once with “xxx you know xxx”, a far cry from his predecessor’s record six “xxx you know”s in one statement.

Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, making her latest statement on Libya, April 6,
“xxx ahed xx” six times in three minutes, perhaps a new record.

Awaiting Pres. Barack Obama’s next statement on the budget for a new tally on ” xxx let me be clear xxx”.


Some presidents go, some …stay

The former Israeli president Moshe Katzav has been sentenced to seven years in prison for rape.

In a dramatic scene, the 65-year-old cried and screamed after learning of his fate, shouting that the charges against him were a lie and that the courts had “made a mistake”.

March 22, 2011
Moshe Katzav

The Senate yesterday acquitted William Jefferson Clinton of high crimes and misdemeanors, preserving a presidency indelibly tarnished by scandal, but unshakably sustained by public approval. Clinton, condemned even by senators who had voted to keep him in office, survived only the second presidential impeachment trial in history as the Senate rejected two articles charging him with perjury and obstruction of justice in attempting to conceal his sexual relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.” “Clinton Acquitted By An Angry Senate: Neither Impeachment Article Gains Majority Vote”, The Star-Ledger of New Jersey, Saturday, February 13, 1999, p. 1, 6.


How many gallons of hydrogen peroxide a week do you think it takes to keep all those pretty blondes blond on Fox News?


Briefs to the frontlines

How about sending the division of [10,000] lawyers Don Rumsfeld says are now in The Pentagon when boots are needed on the ground in Libya.


The next Nobel laureate

A prize for literature will be awarded the first person who really does get “the last word” on one of those Bill O’Reilly interscreams.

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