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Happy Jewish New Year from three [yep! 3] Airedales? You may well ask

Yeah, we had Poppa and he got very lonely down here in the Bunnies with no dog park daily run to see the ladies. So we got him a Hillbilly wife from down in southwestern VA. And before you know it — she was only 14 months — they went to work. [Having one litter is said to reduce the incidence enormously of cervical cancer in bitches, the real ones, and that is what we were about.] She had 12 yep! a whole dozen of the most wonderful little animals you have ever seen. [I lots 30 pounds in the six weeks before finding them homes — and collecting a little on their goatsmilk supplement although Momma was a sensational walking diary and caretaker. Unfortunately I quickly gained it all back!] One little guy, Yama Nobori [mountain guide for all you unlettered non-Japanese speakers], at less than a month climbed over a 36-inch wire fence around the puppies gathered in the middle of the living room. He would run round and round the little corral, barking at his fellows, then climb back in — I kid you not — to be fed. Sometimes he would collapse on the nearby sofa with me and watch the circus inside the cage. One of those afternoons, having chosen to sit at the other end of our 16-foot sofa, he picked himself up, moved over against my leg where I was sitting and snuggled up. What would you have done? We took it as a Sherman-like statement, I will not be “placed”, if placed, I will not go. So three Airedales — by the way, he is about twice as big as his father, who at 10 with a heart murmur and terrible warts, has more energy than every one else in the house put together. Airedales are remarkable North Country people, you know. And when they speak Geordie [that’s Airedale in the local dialect}, you know it! So do the neighbors but no complaints — yet.

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Thanx, but THREE Airedales?
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To my family, my friends and my colleagues, and anyone else who needs encouragement in a time of troubles–
!שנה טובה ומבורכת
Happy Jewish New Year!
from Ye Olde Crabb, Aki and The Three Airedales

Canine vocabularies we have known

Nish’ki, the old man, is miffed again. He has read the results of a “scientific inquiry” reporting the average dog has a vocabulary of only 167 words.  The Old Boy says not only does he have a much larger call on sound, but he is trilingual — he speaks English, Japanese, and Aire. [The latter is an Anglo-Saxon dialect from his native Yorkshire, known only to his intimates, Ahkhemi, his spouse, and YamaNoburi, his hefty male offspring. It is very poetic and like its literary cousin, Old English. for example,  used in such epics as Beowulf; it has a lot of hefty aspirate  sounds like “wuff!wuff!] Furthermore, as we who know him are aware, he is a polymath, with, for example, an incredible GPS. [He found a hidden first cucumber in our vegetable patch this week, which along with a couple of tomatoes, also the first, and a newly arrived Japanese egg plant made a wonderful ratatouille, the first of the season!]