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Fidel’s beauty shop closed!

Cuba‘s beauty salons dropped from government payrolls


By Frances Robles | The Miami Herald

The Cuban government is getting out of the beauty business. The communist country that acknowledges it has an extra million people on the government payroll has come up with a solution to battle fraud and cut costs: Turn salons over to employees to operate.

Experts say the move is a “capitalism light” step toward the kind of economic measures that Cuba hopes will help alleviate its heavy economic burden amid a financial crisis. But the industry affected is so small that experts say it’s too little, far too late.

Although Cuba allows self-employment in some sectors, this measure is the first time employees were offered the chance to operate state-run, retail establishments since they were nationalized in 1968. Experts say this government move could lead to others, such as allowing employees to run the restaurants where they work.

The decision, which was not announced by the Cuban state-run media, was first reported by the British news agency Reuters.

Ye Olde Crabb sez:

Does that mean that Fidel will stop saying things that curl your hair?