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Hu, wok and Wen


Hu misidentified as dissident

HONG KONG – HONG Kong’s leading English-language newspaper has apologised for misidentifying Chinese president Hu Jintao as a jailed Chinese dissident in a front-page photo caption.

On Tuesday, the South China Morning Post’s main front-page photo showed Mr Hu arriving in the US for President Barack Obama’s nuclear security summit. The English caption identified Mr Hu correctly, but the Chinese characters printed in parentheses showed the name of Chinese dissident Hu Jia instead.

Hu Jia, who has championed Aids victims, has been in the news recently after Chinese authorities rejected him for medical parole after a possible diagnosis for liver cancer. The activist was jailed for sedition after being accused of plotting to disturb the Olympic Games.

Ye Olde Crabb sez:

Easy mistake to make. After all, when some foreign human rights activist was pressing Paramount Leader Deng Hiaoping to permit some Chinese to leave the country for the U.S., he quipped with something along the lines of how many would you like, several hundred thousands or millions?